Thursday, December 1, 2011

The World is Forever 21 by SooBin Park Section AC

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  1. This map is really clear and good. It shows Forever 21's headquarter, the areas of global market, movement of goods (commodity chain) in red line, and market access line in green line. This map also shows the interconnection between companies around the world, which shows globalization of Forever 21. Moreover, it has effectively use different icons to show different method of either outsourcing, or off-shoring. - Stephanie Boenawan, Section AC

  2. I like that you took some creative liberties with your map. I had no idea Forever 21 was such an extensive business. Great work.

  3. You have really good symbols and clear lines of commodity chains. Do you know where the factories are? If you have them labeled, you should use a different symbol. Another comment is that even a key/legend would be helpful. -Katie Wong, section AC