Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nikolina Stoykova Pfizer Globalization

View Pfizer's Pharmaceuticalization in a larger map


  1. This map shows the network of Pfizer, but it does not show the connection or any link between each company that is usually shown by lines. Also it does not point out a headquarter of the Transnational Company. - Stephanie Boenawan, Section AC.

  2. I really like how you included a lot of different points which help to reflect how Pfizer has expanded globally. However, I think lines that connect points together will help out significantly as mentioned above. I also noticed that you have included the headquarters, but the icon picture is the same as all the others. It would be easier to locate the headquarters if it was an icon that is different from the rest. Using a variety of icons will make each place a little easier to differentiate and will make it more interesting. -Ashley McKnight

  3. I also really like how you did all of the specific countries, rather than big outlines, it is really easy to follow this way. I do like how you have a bit of extra information especially on the headquarters, except I agree with the suggestion to add a different icon for the headquarters to help it stand out. Other than that, I think this gives a good spread of the company and it's globalization. -Cassidy Schoblom