Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nike's Globalization and Complex Commodity Chain Networks by Jill Lopez, Section AC

View Nike's Globalization and Commodity Chain by Jill Lopez (quiz section AC) in a larger map


  1. This map is well organized and does a good job in displaying all the outsourcings of Nike. I also really like how you included the annual sales for the manufacturers of the company. This helps give a better understanding of the amount of production manufacturers complete every year for a company as large as Nike. -Ashley McKnight

  2. I really like all of the different colors. It makes it easy to distinguish different ideas. I also think that the descriptions under each place are very interesting, and help show the importance of choosing the locations that you did. You have a lot of ties and did a good job showing all of the nike is involved in and it shows how far Nike really reaches. Good job!- Cassidy Schoblom

  3. This map is really well done and you did a good job on your Nike project!
    From this map, I can get better understanding about Nike's complex network of production and sales. It's easy to understand and your explanation is really helpful. very informative !
    -Seunghun Jung-